Balloons Latex

Ham StandsHam Stands
Ham Stands...........................................................
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Bowls, wooden, 300mm (12 Inches)Bowls, wooden, 300mm (12 Inches)
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Bowls, wooden, 355mm (14 Inches)Bowls, wooden, 355mm (14 Inches)
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Bowls, wooden, 508mm (20 Inches)Bowls, wooden, 508mm (20 Inches)
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Bowls, stainless steel, 20litre (47cm x 14cm)Bowls, stainless steel, 20litre (47cm x 14cm)

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Bread Baskets,  37cm wide, 10cm deepBread Baskets, 37cm wide, 10cm deep

Bread Baskets   cane type  37cm diameter  10cm deep


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Carafes  1/2 litreCarafes 1/2 litre
Carafe in centre of picture
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Carafes  3/4 litreCarafes 3/4 litre
carafe on left of picture
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Carafes  1 litreCarafes 1 litre
carafe on right of picture
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Coffee Pots, Cona type, 10 cupCoffee Pots, Cona type, 10 cup

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Gravy BoatsGravy Boats
Gravy Boats .......................................................
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Wine BucketsWine Buckets

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Platters, S.S. approx. 560 x 355mmPlatters, S.S. approx. 560 x 355mm
Highly polished stainless steel.  approx.560mm x 355mm (22 inch x 14 inch)
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Milk Jugs, Stainless Steel, 568ml (1 pint)Milk Jugs, Stainless Steel, 568ml (1 pint)
Highly polished stainless steel.
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Punch Bowl & Ladle  10 litre s.s.Punch Bowl & Ladle 10 litre s.s.
10litre, highly polished stainless steel with base.
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Salt & Pepper Shakers, glass with chrome top.  per pairSalt & Pepper Shakers, glass with chrome top. per pair
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Sugar Bowls,  S.S.Sugar Bowls, S.S.
Highly polished stainless steel.
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Serving Trays rect. 440 x330mmServing Trays rect. 440 x330mm
rectanglular wooden, 440mm x 330mm (17 inch x 13 inch)
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Serving Trays  rect. 610 x 455mmServing Trays rect. 610 x 455mm
rectanglular wooden, 6l0mm x 455mm (24 inch x l8 inch)
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Table Number StandsTable Number Stands
with number 30cm, 45cm 
$2.45add to cart

Tea / Coffee Pots, 10 cup, stainless steelTea / Coffee Pots, 10 cup, stainless steel
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Teapots, 24 cupTeapots, 24 cup

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WaitersWaiters' Trays, round with rubber doyleys
Round,?  Highly polished stainless steel, with non slip doyley 55mm (14 inch)
$3.65add to cart

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